Glownet & WeWork Summercamp; a unique solution


Our Technology is often directly associated with Music Events. And it is true that since our inception we have delivered our technology successfully at over 300 music events; proving ourselves as the leading provider in RFID live event-technology. Over the years, this is also recognised far beyond just music festivals. A great example is our recent collaboration with The Next Web and PayPal to enrich the experience of conference attendees.

We are excited to announce that Glownet is partnering with WeWork to bring our seamless experience to their yearly WeWork Summercamp. It can best be described as Corporate event meets festival meets camp. Still confused, check the recap from last year

Standon Calling 2013 & 2014

Standon is one of the leading independent festivals on the UK calendar. It is a three-day event with bars that run twenty-four hours. In August 2013, Glownet successfully delivered the first 100% fully integrated RFID cashless festival in the UK and was nominated for the Best Use of Technology at the UK Festival Awards. For the first time in nine years, armed with a set of Glownet’s consolidated vendor sales reports, Standon was able to see what was being bought and sold across the site, where, by whom, when and in what quantities.

In 2014 the team returned to roll out accreditation, access and cashless services to all 10,500 customers, including an online wallet pilot in association with PayPal. Using insight from the previous year’s reports, the festival was in a position to make more informed decisions; culling underperforming vendors, welcoming back successful ones and alerting sponsors to top selling products.

Glownet’s post-event reports revealed that in 2014, Standon’s on-site sales had ballooned by 45% year-on-year, with only a 25% increase in wristbands issued. This overwhelmingly signalled a resounding customer endorsement of the system through increased spend per head – all underpinned by informed management decisions.