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7-Step Guide to RFID technology

Advancement in industries is almost always impeded by fear. Fear of the outcome, fear of the risk, fear of failure. More often than not, fear can be explained simply by one factor: a lack of knowledge. When it comes to using RFID technology, many event organizers are afraid to take that leap of faith into the RFID whirlpool primarily because they do not understand it. You wouldn’t drive a car if you didn’t know how it worked. Why should RFID be any different?

Glownet have produced a simple 7-step guide to RFID technology to dispel the fear and hesitation surrounding its usage. Think of this as your driving lesson to RFID, so get behind the wheel and join the revolution.

1. What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology which uses radio waves to identify objects and transmit information between devices.

2. How does RFID work?

To put it simply, an RFID system is made up of two components: a tag and a reader. The reader uses electromagnetic waves to send out information. The tag has two parts: a microchip that stores information (i.e. a unique serial number for a specific object), and an antenna which receives and transmits signals.

3. What is the difference between RFID and barcodes?

Whilst RFID tags read information through radio waves, barcodes use an optical scanner. As a result of this, barcodes can only read information if they are placed in the line of sight of the reader, whereas RFID tags can detect information from as far as 50 feet away, making transaction processes and scanning significantly faster. Furthermore, barcodes are much more susceptible to damage and are generally able to store less information than RFID tags.

4. Is there more than one type of RFID system?

Under the umbrella term of RFID, there are different components. For example, there are three types of tag:

  • Passive: these tags are powered by the radio energy transmitted by the reader
  • Active: these tags are powered by an onboard battery and transmit information without requiring a reader
  • Battery-Assisted: these tags are powered only when in the presence of a reader

There are also three different types of frequency; low, high and ultra high. The level of frequency directly affects the readability distance of the RFID chip and storage capacities. It is worth noting that frequency levels also differ between countries.

5. Are there any health risks to RFID?

RFID tags don’t pose any danger. It is used in your bank card, passport and mobile phone. They are safe to use in everyday application.

6. Why do we use RFID?

Ultimately, the core use of RFID tags are to read and supply specific data. On a day-to-day basis, RFID chips are used to track pets, pass through motorway tolls or detect luggage at airports. Other uses of RFID include security tools, such as restricting and allowing access to people with specific RFID tags.

7. What does RFID mean for the events industry?

The introduction of RFID technology systems has introduced astonishing developments in the live event industry over the last decade. Replacing paper tickets with electronic RFID wristbands has enabled organizers to streamline the event experience in a number of ways such as introducing cashless payments, access control, business intelligence reports and more.

For more examples of how Glownet have applied RFID technology to events, visit our online case studies.

Glownet and RFID

Glownet have been using RFID in our product systems since 2013 . With the introduction of RFID cashless technologies, Glownet have helped over 500 events to improve their customer experience by reducing queues, transaction speed and theft. We also offer access control systems, allowing event organisers to regulate attendance, control entry to specific areas or even monitor alcohol consumption. Furthermore, Glownet offers post-event business intelligence reports, providing organisers with unparalleled insight into customer spending and experience, allowing for improvements to future editions.

Glownet are proud to be part of the RFID revolution. For more information about our services, download our guide to creating smarter events here.


Three Festivals in One Weekend

Following an unforgettable delivery last weekend at Paraíso festival, Glownet continues to digitalize the events industry this June. At three different festivals on three different continents, this weekend the Glownet team is travelling to all corners of the globe to deliver our advanced technology platform. In South Africa, Spain and Singapore, #Glownet3in1 is taking over the world.


This year Sónar Barcelona celebrates its 25th anniversary, and fourth year with Glownet. After introducing cashless payment solutions to the festival in 2015, Sónar has continued to add more solutions from the Glownet package each year to optimize the live event experience. Our access control tools, check-in systems and staff accreditations have significantly benefited the organization and operation of the festival by reducing queues, maximising revenue and eliminating theft and ticketing fraud by 100%. Last year the event welcomed a record-breaking 123,000 people over the weekend. Will they exceed this in 2018? Read more about Glownet’s journey with Sónar so far here.

SingaporeUltra Singapore

Glownet continues to set new milestones in the Eastern Hemisphere as this weekend we deliver our first ever cashless event in Singapore. Ultra Singapore is part of the Ultra worldwide phenomenon, celebrating the highest quality EDM music at unique festivals in over 20 different countries. Over the last years, Glownet’s partners Howler successfully delivered cashless payment solutions at Ultra Cape Town and Johannesburg editions and this year the Glownet team joined Ultra Miami to enrich their VVP experience. Glownet are thrilled to continue their journey with the experts in electronic music on the other side of the globe.


LYFESouth Africa

In South Africa, Glownet’s partners Howler will deliver RFID cashless solutions to LYFE made brighter MTN. Organized by South Africa’s leading youth radio station, YFN, the event takes place on June 16th, coinciding with one of the nation’s most celebrated holidays, Youth Day. The intimate event will showcase music, fashion, gaming and arts from talented local creatives. Glownet are delighted to provide LYFE with the tools necessary to maximise the event’s potential.




With summer only just beginning, Glownet have made a promising start to the festival season. We are so proud of what we have accomplished already this year, and are excited to see what is in store for us next!


To share your Glownet experience this weekend, use the hashtag #Glownet3in1 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for all the latest updates on our cashless journeys around the globe.


Sónar shoots for the stars

SónarLike an electric charge running through the city, electronic music festival Sónar descends on Barcelona every June. A futuristic fusion of music, technology and digital arts, in 2018 the festival will host four days of live music, conferences and light shows. Furthermore, for the first time in history, the festival will even attempt to make extraterrestrial contact. Featuring star-aligning performances from over 150 artists including Thom York, Gorillaz and Diplo, this year the festival celebrates its 25th anniversary, and fourth year embracing cashless payment and advanced event technology with Glownet.

Founded in 1994 by Ricard Robles, Enric Palau and Sergi Caballero, the first edition of Sónar Barcelona attracted 6,000 attendees. In over 20 years the festival’s capacity has increased to over 20 times the number of its first edition. Last year Sónar welcomed over 123,000 people, the most the festival has ever experienced.

In a unique and definitive set up, the festival is divided into three parts: Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night and Sónar +D. The day programme hosts live performances and DJ sets, whilst the evening activities carry Barcelona’s ravers on into the early hours. Sónar +D, the festival’s exhibitionary counterpart, runs alongside the daytime events, hosting workshops, conferences and artistic and technological displays.

Partnership with Glownet

Glownet Technology

Sónar’s philosophy is built on embracing new technology, which is why in 2015 the festival decided to partner with Glownet. Since then, Glownet’s smart technology has helped Sónar to cultivate the ultimate event experience, ensuring the smooth operation of the festival. In 2015, Glownet delivered RFID cashless payment systems to the festival for the first time. This enabled consumers to load money onto their wristbands and pay for refreshments and merchandise onsite. Without the faff or danger of handling large amounts of cash, Sónar has been able to significantly reduce queues, transaction speed and theft. In 2016 Sónar added Glownet’s access control tool and check-in systems. This allowed the festival to regulate and restrict attendance for certain areas, which tackled problems such as overcrowding. Last year, Sónar added staff accreditations, the final part of the Glownet package, allowing the festival full usage of all that Glownet has to offer.


Ventura Barba, Executive Director of Sónar

“The implementation of cashless solutions and access control is undoubtedly one of the factors that has made Sónar Barcelona 2015 -2017 a great success. Glownet has great technology, excellent implementation in the field, and a continued focus on innovation. We are really happy to continue partnering with them for our 25th anniversary and have full trust and confidence in their platform and industry experience.”

Stars align for Sónar


But this year Sónar is going beyond the boundaries of implementing advanced event technology. Sónar is taking techno to the stars. Sónar Calling GJ273b is the festival’s cosmic project to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The festival will send music from 38 artists to star GJ273b, a star which could potentially hold extraterrestrial life. The star is conveniently situated 12.5 light years away from Earth. Therefore, if alien life receives Sónar’s message and emits a response, the reply will be received 12.5 years later. This will coincide perfectly with the festival’s 50th anniversary in 2043. Contributing musicians include popular British artist Kate Tempest, Modeselektor and The Black Madonna.

The future of all festivals?

With less than a month to go, the multi-dimensional festival is paving the way for all festivals in the future. Whilst not all festivals are set to send music into space, more and more are adopting smart technology. The undeniable benefits that Sónar has seen from working with Glownet prove that festivals need to embrace new technology in order to keep up with the market.

Alongside all that encompasses their quarter-century celebrations, Glownet are proud to be partnering with Sónar this year. Once again, Glownet’s technology will ensure the optimum event experience for organisers and attendees alike. With a truly stunning set up for 2018, Sónar promises to be quite literally, out of this world.


By Poppy McAlister

Sonar 2017: Welcome to the 3rd cashless edition.

Sonar and Glownet are partnering for the 3rd consecutive year to offer the audience the best experience. We always aim to give festival goers an amazing experience where they don’t have to think about queues, tokens or cash, but can instead focus on having an amazing time with friends and the best bands. Therefore we completely agree with Metro’s assessment:

Sonar Festival 2017: The line-up, the weather and Barcelona made this the perfect festival

Missed it this year? Hope to see you @ Sonar 2018!

Glownet beyond music festivals: partnering with TNW Conference & PayPal

Glownet once started as a provider of technology solutions for Music Festivals. Over the years we have proven that our platform, technology and solutions go far beyond music festivals. A great example is our partnership with The Next Web Conference and Paypal. Together we offer conference attendees a smooth cashless experience.



===> Below is a repost from: The Next Web

TNW Conference is teaming up with PayPal and Glownet to go cashless

It’s a convenient system for vendors: waiting times are slashed, payments are simplified, and you can make some residual profit on any tokens that don’t end up being spent. But it isn’t very fair for attendees, and it certainly isn’t very tech.

So this year we’ve decided to expand our longstanding partnership with PayPal, in order to spice up the payment process and make everyone’s lives easier. That’s right, TNW Conference is going completely cashless – but in order to still reap the efficiency benefits of the old token system, that doesn’t mean accepting card payments. Instead, we’re introducing RFID wristbands.

Intelligent Wristbands

We’ve teamed up with PayPal and Glownet to make this year’s conference wristbands a little bit more intelligent. Before you arrive, you’ll be able to add tokens to your wristband, in order to purchase food from our 25+ gourmet food truck vendors, and make the most of our bars and coffee stands. The wristbands will also be used for access control and to help you continue the conversation with startups and exhibitors after the event; simply by scanning your wristband to exchange contact information.

But perhaps most importantly, you won’t be going home with useless tokens in your pocket. If you opt to add tokens to your wrisrtbands using our convenient payments provider, PayPal, TNW will send you a refund for all unspent tokens purchased with PayPal after the event – straight to your PayPal account.

Refunds and instant top ups through PayPal

If you’re already a TNW Conference ticket holder, you can start adding tokens to your intelligent wristband from today – simply login to our order management portal. When you collect your wristband on day one, any tokens you’ve paid for in advance will be automatically loaded and ready to use at our awesome gourmet food trucks and bars across the festival terrain.

We’ve teamed up with PayPal to make this process as seamless as possible. Choosing them as your payments provider comes with the following perks:

  1. One Touch: Simply enter your details once to be able to top up with a single click, whenever you need more tokens. Thanks to PayPal’s One Touch feature, your device will be enabled to securely make payments through your PayPal account.
  2. Live Top up: If you’re running low on tokens during the conference, you’ll be able to add more straight from the TNW Conference app with a single click. While credit and debit cards are accepted at our physical kiosks across the conference terrain, PayPal is the only way to top up from your phone to your wristband during the event.
  3. Automated Refunds: TNW will reimburse you for your unused tokens purchased with PayPal within 3 days on your PayPal account. No extra surcharge.

Learn more about our cashless payment wristbands on our website!


Lollapalooza Argentina going Cashless with Glownet

Lollapalooza is without a doubt one of the highlights of Argentina’s festival season. The 2017 edition had an amazing line-up with more than a 100 great bands over 3 days. This year Lollapalooza partnered with Glownet. It is incredibly powerful to see so many people have the time of their lives. But why talk about it, when you can enjoy the pictures. Thanks for having us Lollapalooza!


=== EDIT: updated 05-08-2017

Check more pictures

WASLA 2017 in Dubai partnering with Glownet to give visitors the smoothest experience

Glownet is honoured to partner with Wasla “Arab Alternative Music Festival” in Dubai. Our team will bring its unique technology to Dubai to bring the festival-goers the smoothest experience possible. A hassle free experience to make sure visitors can spend every minute enjoying the amazing line-up


=== EDIT 06-02-2017 ===

Thanks for having us Wasla. Check the after-movie

EB Live November issue : cashless payment special


EB Live logo                                      wirecard-logo-color-300dpi

‘The rise of cashless festivals is inevitable’

Sometimes, the future’s anything but uncertain. For instance, Glownet dares to predict with certainty that cashless payment will be the new standard for festivals. And according to the international market leader for cashless payment solutions, the Netherlands is already ahead in adopting the new standard.

Imagine a city that would construct an ultra-modern metro network, where travelers could only pay with cash or tokens. “People would start questioning in what century they’re living in again”, says Glownet’s CEO Scott Witters.

The comparison clearly illustrates the point that we’re about to reach in the festival industry. Hitting 1 million activations earlier this year, across 166 events, Glownet is seeing an ever-increasing adoption of cashless, year by year. “People are already used to waving their smartphone or wireless bank card when they’re buying a coffee somewhere. And it won’t be long before paying with cash or tokens at a festival will be seen as hopelessly outdated.”
The most important benefit, as Scott points out, is that cashless payment improves the personal experience of festival visitors. Say goodbye to long queues to get a new stash of tokens or cash at the machines, experience quick and easy payments at the bar, never worry again about theft or loss of wallets and get an exact summary of all your payments afterwards. “In the end, people go to festivals to experience freedom. With Glownet, people can enter the terrain with nothing but their wristband; wallets can be left in the tent or locker. In case anyone loses the wristband, any lost credits can be easily refunded. And when guests are used to that experience, they will be very reluctant to go back to the old ways.”
Glownet is a UK based company delivering it´s first event in New-Zealand in 2012 and is now present in 23 countries worldwide, having its main hub in Europe. Global expansion is of course only possible due to some of the great partnerships Glownet has, such as Wirecard. The leading technology group supports companies based on its global payment gateway in accepting electronic payments from all sales channels.
With regard to acquiring via the Wirecard Bank, the group provides end-to-end infrastructure, including the requisite licenses for card and account products to companies worldwide. As an expert for cashless payment, Wirecard issues own payment instruments in the form of cards or mobile payment solutions.
Scott: Earlier this year we collaborated with Wirecard and have successfully delivered our first German event together. It´s great having a partner with such a mobile and global vision combined with innovative payment technology. The partnership was a natural fit to us.

In regards to the Netherlands – one of the leading countries in the movement towards cashless payment. “It’s no coincidence we’ve established our third office in Amsterdam. The Dutch festival industry is known as one of the most professional in the world. We can see a rise in demand for cashless payment everywhere, but again, Dutch festivals are ahead. Luckily, we’re getting more and more healthy competitors to meet this growing demand, but it requires quite some experience to master the art. After all, it’s not so much about the technology itself, but about the right way of applying it. How many top-up stations do you need and how many POS devices at each bar? Which data should you collect and how can you safeguard privacy? And let’s not forget all the different national laws your system must comply to, such as restricting the sales of alcohol for minors. In these matters, we’re still ahead, with more experience than all our competitors combined.”

The main threshold that still keeps festivals from switching to cashless payment, is that it requires complete confidence that the system will always work flawlessly. “Organizers must have enough faith in our system to put the full processing of all their transactions in our hands. So naturally, it must work flawlessly under every imaginable circumstance. Cashless payment can grant them up to 30 percent more turnover, but it could also ruin their business if payments won’t work because of system or network errors. Scott: “Therefore we’ve made the wristbands the most important element in our network, on which the whole system is built upwards. Even during network errors, the devices will always keep on working. And as soon as the network is available again, all credits ,payment and access data will upload to the cloud where we generate reports from. That’s how we live up to our most important philosophy: no matter what happens, technology must never interfere when someone wants to buy a beer.”


Sonar 2016 Opens for Cashless Fun with Glownet

There’s an amazing energy in the air here in Barcelona today! Music and all round creative legend Brian Eno opened the Sonar+D digital and creative tech event, to a packed room of enthusiasts and fans. Perhaps the best person to open such a brilliant event as Sonar, with it’s awe inspiring blend of technology, creativity and business. After all, as Mr Eno says himself ”..art is the most important thing we can do right now…” and we completely agree!

“Ticketing in the past was about purchases, now it’s about experiences… The continuing meaningful personalization of the mass experience.”

At Glownet we’re super excited to be the official cashless payment provider for Sonar, their first and proudest partner, building on last year’s implementation. With our wristbands the whole event will serve around 160,000 visitors over Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night venues across the city of Barcelona over the mammoth three day festival.


With a hospitality team of hundreds, Sonar is using 700 of our NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled devices at its bars, cafes, food trucks and restaurants. With our devices, we will decrease former old cash queues by around 40-50%, with no delays nor cash being lost and moreover no loose change. We want everyone to have a completely hassle free time and that’s why we’re super excited about it, now Sonar 2016 is official open. What a brilliant three days and nights ahead!

We will also host an exciting panel talk at Sonar+D on Friday at 13:00, where will will brainstorm and discuss the exciting fan-centric opportunities in for innovative event experiences, ranging from cashless payments to VIP and even health, safety and event licensing itself, with the CEOs of Yumiwi and Stubhub, as well as our own Scott, our Glownet CEO as well. Please feel free to join us at the workshop, right in the middle of the incredible Sonar+D area. All delegates are most welcome!


Demo Workshop Friday 17 (12.30) 13:00 – 15.00

Sónar by Day Workshops (P4 – Level 0)

TOPIC: How RFID technology can improve the productivity of events and festivals

  • German Coppola, Yumiwi CEO
  • Estanis Martin de Nicolás, General Manager, StubHub International
  • Scott Witters, Glownet CEO, and
  • Moderator:  Hubert Grealish, brand marketing & tech.

It’s going to be a great week and we’re super excited about all the ideas and energy already here. We will be sharing pictures and stories from the event and talks so keep an eye on our Twitter feed too for more updates @GlownetHQ.

One weekend, 4 countries, 2 continents…

Growing pains aren’t always painful. We’re proud to say that this weekend, we are deploying four events in four different countries across two continents. It’s a Happy Halloween for us indeed!

Starting in order of time zones, we will be deploying our Instant Cashless solution at Day of the Dead Australia Warehouse Project, in Melbourne. Following the success of the Sydney edition 1 week ago, we will continue to offer a great experience down under at our second Australian delivery.

Detonate Festival in the UK is following suit in the cashless revolution, offering their 5,000+ customers the benefit of shorter queues, faster transaction processing at bars, and increased security with our instant cashless solution.

Brunch Electronik, in Barcelona has added a Halloween edition to their popular event and continue to enjoy the benefits of our Instant Cashless system as they’ve done with all their Brunch and Piknic events in 2015. Increased spend, faster transactions and full visibility and transparency into their operations.

Finally, after our successful deployment at Kappa Futur Festival this summer, the promoters from this event have decided to implement Instant Cashless to their 15,000+ festival, Movement, in Turin this Halloween.

Glownet’s cashless revolution continues to grow, and our team is getting stronger, leaner and more experienced!

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