Glownet: Best Event Payment Systems Global 2016

Glownet is proud to announce it won the CFI award for best Event Payment system 2016. Great recognition of how Glownet is leading the revolution of Cashless for live-events.

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Dropping cash into a till is so last century. Increasingly, consumers demand the convenience of cashless payment for smaller purchases, waving smartphones or contactless cards to enjoy their fast-track lives from which greasy coins and banknotes have largely been banned. Driving the move towards on-the-go payment solutions, Glownet has developed and deployed a system that allows both promoters and visitors of events to avoid queues, theft, and fraud while delivering the seamless integration of loyalty programmes, social media postings, access control, and even crew and asset management.

Founded four years ago, Glownet bundled the entire sphere of crowd-based events – music festivals, fairs, trade shows, sporting events, and other live venues that attract large numbers of people – into a single streamlined product. Set up by experienced event promotors, Glownet has so far delivered cashless solutions to 275 events in 25 countries across five continents. The firm recently celebrated the delivery of over one million cashless activations in the last 12 months.

Pushing the envelope of event technology, Glownet’s mobile solution delivers a seamless event experience even when offline. All data is integrated with its own cloud-based platform that powers the complete user lifecycle covering pre, during, and post event requirements, including both front and back office needs.

The judging panel is pleased to offer recognition to truly innovative companies. Glownet is such a company: it identified a market, charted its needs, and provided a set of solutions. The judges declare Glownet winner of the 2016 Best Event Payment Systems Global Award.

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