Glownet announces Partnership with Sonar


Glownet Cashless Payments Wins with Sónar & Sónar+D 2016

World Renowned Festival and Glownet Announce Four Year Cashless Payments Deal

  • 100% uptime success for second Sónar year running, halving queues and increasing average spend.
  • Over 1M cashless activations by Glownet overall to date – 168 global events in 23 countries with, digitizing on site payments and creating new brand usage and data sets.


Glownet HQ, Madrid, 22 September 2016Sónar, the festival dedicated to music, creativity and technology based in Barcelona and Glownet Cashless Payments systems, the foremost expert on events and RFID technology, today announces a four year agreement to deliver cashless services and offerings to all Sónar Barcelona festival events. These include Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night, as well as Sónar+D, the international congress for creativity, technology and business, running concurrently to Sónar by Day. This year at Sónar Barcelona, total visitors amounted to 115,000 attendees over the three days in two main locations around the city, showing the scale of the event.

The long-term agreement comes after two successful years using Glownet in both 2015 and 2016, with 100% uptime and positive experiences for the tens of thousands of Sónar festival goers.

Sónar is by default committed to celebrating new music, culture and innovation in technology, thus a clear choice to work with Glownet to deliver on our brand promise and enhance the festival experience for our attendees. With today’s news we’re appointing our first official cashless payments partner in Glownet.” said Ventura Barba, Executive Director at Advanced Music, the organizer of Sónar: Music, Creativity & Technology.

“Events used to be about sales, purchases, now it’s all about creating experiences. With Glownet, we’re committing to continually enhancing these meaningful – and increasingly personalized – mass experiences.”              – Ventura Barba, Executive Director, Sónar.


“We’re really honored to be the official cashless payment provider for such an amazing brand as Sónar, adding to the festival experience for over 115,000 at Sónar Barcelona this year, with 100% successful implementation. That’s a lot of happy Sónar customers, all served with our wristbands, right across the city of Barcelona over the full three festival days.” said Scott Witters, Glownet CEO.


“With Sónar’s many varied food and drink providers, we’re happy to deliver the benefits of cashless payments right across the entire festival. This makes it easier all round for guests to enjoy their time and for staff to serve more efficiently. It’s about creating that overall festival freedom without unnecessary or off-putting queues, cash handling, or tokens. Thus cashless is a no brainer for brands seeking to innovative on events and to learn from the data it creates.” added Witters.

With a hospitality team of hundreds, Sónar 2016 in Barcelona deployed 700 Glownet NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled devices at its bars, cafes, food trucks and restaurants. With these devices, normal cash queues are cut by around 40-50%, with no delays from change nor cash being handled. A hassle free experience for staff as much as festival goers.


Cashless – benefits beyond buying – Sónar+D workshop

With cashless technology still very much emerging, Glownet hosted a two-hour interactive panel workshop at the congress Sónar+D. This open workshop shared a deep dive panel and group session with German Coppola and Estanis Martin de Nicolás, the respective CEOs and General Managers of Yumiwi and Stubhub, themselves delivering on NFC and RFID for festival goers benefits as well as for brands building on the data created, from cashless payments to full VIP and even individuals’ health, safety and event licensing itself.

About Sónar


Sónar, the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art takes place in Barcelona during three days every June. Established in 1994, Sónar is renowned for its unique format and musical program that showcases the latest trends in dance and electronica as well as those sounds pushing the limits of musical and artistic expression. With hundreds of artists, performers and DJ’s divided over two emblematic locations Sónar is a creative playground, fostering and encouraging new interactions between established artists, exciting newcomers and our open minded international audience.