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No surprises!

We’ll only ever collect, use and share your information in ways that are described in this policy.

We'll keep your information safe

We'll keep your information safe

We're committed to the confidentiality and security of the personal data you give us.

You're always in control

You're always in control

Modify or erase your data at any time upon request.

About this policy

Along with our Terms of Service, this policy explains how we collect and handle your information across all of our websites, mobile app and other services. We’ll review this policy from time to time to make sure it’s up-to-date. If we make changes, we’ll post the latest version here. When we make significant changes, we’ll let you know when you next access our services, or by other communications.

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Why and how do we use your personal data?

We only use your information where you’ve given us your consent, where its necessary to deliver the services you’ve requested and as such, the processing is necessary to execute the contractual relationship that binds us, where it’s necessary to exercise or comply with legal rights or obligations, or for normal business purposes of the kind set out in this policy.

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What personal data do we collect?

Everyone who uses our services will have bits and pieces of information about them collected, stored and processed. However, we don’t collect more information than we need. As a general rule, to be able to offer you our services we require you to provide us with your identification and contact information. Nevertheless, some of the promoters we work with may ask for other categories of data. In both cases, we will provide you with sufficient information as to the categories of data we need and the purposes your data will be used for.

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For what purposes do we process your personal data?

Glownet processes your personal data for the following purposes:


  • To manage your activity on our website and apps, including any payments you make or refunds that you request.
  • To manage your entry and final payment in the festival
  • To grant you with a pay wristband that tracks your expenditure in the festival.
  • To perform statistical studies to improve festival goer experience

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How long do we store your personal data?

We only keep your data for as long as we need it. Please take into account that, in order to comply with any legal obligations that may arise, we will retain your data duly blocked until the end of the statute of limitations of said legal obligations. After this period, we’ll either delete your personal data or anonymise it so it doesn’t identify you. We process data differently depending on what it’s used for, but you can ask us to delete your personal data at any time.

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When is your information shared with or collected by third parties?

We share your information with third parties that access your information to provide us a service. This will only take place when it is a necessary for the maintenance of the services agreed with you. In this case, the third parties accessing your information will do so as Data Processors. This means that these entities will have to comply with any instruction we provide them as to the way they process your data. As such, we guarantee to provide Data Processors with sufficient and protective instructions as to the processing activities they may carry out with your information.. Likewise, we will also share your information if we are required to do so in order for us to comply with any  legal obligation. Nevertheless, under no circumstance we will  sell your personal information.

Learn more about how we share or allow others to collect your information and who these third parties are


How do we keep your personal data secure?

Safeguarding your privacy is embedded in our culture. As such, we have adopted adequate technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data you provide. To determine the scope of these measures, we have taken into account the current state of the art, the nature of the personal data we have collected, and the risks to which your data may be exposed to.

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Where do we store your information?

Your data is securely stored in data centres in Ireland. Your data will only be processed by suppliers who provide appropriate contractual safeguards for the information they process. Sometimes, your data may be stored in countries with different levels of security to your own but we always make sure their standards meet ours. To be more precise, our database and protocols are always encrypted and only two people in the company know the private key. Moreover, they never travel together.

Learn more about where we store your information and the measures we have adopted to provide you with an adequate level of protection when a transfer to a third country takes place

Do we use cookies or similar technologies?

We use cookies and similar technologies to personalise the web service offered not in your life experience. Cookies are small text files that are installed in your browser. They are used to record your activity on the site or to provide additional functions such as the display of videos or interactive graphics. You can always configure your browser to not accept cookies, block them, and, if necessary, delete them. Likewise, you may withdraw, at any time, a previously granted consent for the installation of cookies. We wish we could offer you  cookies  in our events, it would be delicious.

Our cookies are used to keep the session between browser windows and improve the experience on how you use our portal.

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What are your choices and rights?

If you’ve got a Glownet account, you can access, edit, download or delete the key personal data associated with your profile at any time by contacting us to anonymise it.

You also have rights in relation to the personal data we have about you. These are the rights of: access, rectification, erasure, limitation and portability. These rights are explained in more detail below.

You can exercise these rights by getting in touch with us via email at privacy@glownet.com Please note that you must provide us with a copy of your ID card or equivalent document that is to be attached to your request. We inform you that if you fail to comply with the above criteria we may require the amendment of your request.

If you believe that Glownet has breached the current data protection legislation or that your request was not duly attended, you have also the right to file a claim against Glownet before the relevant supervisory authority.

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Who are we and how can you contact us?

Glownet is provided by Glownet Limited, a company registered in the UK. Glownet Limited is Data Controller of any information given to us (ticketing companies) and collected by us (your registration information that promoter already knows). Our company number is:08245670. Our registered office address is:35B Wroughton Road,London, SW11 6BE.

Sónar shoots for the stars

SónarLike an electric charge running through the city, electronic music festival Sónar descends on Barcelona every June. A futuristic fusion of music, technology and digital arts, in 2018 the festival will host four days of live music, conferences and light shows. Furthermore, for the first time in history, the festival will even attempt to make extraterrestrial contact. Featuring star-aligning performances from over 150 artists including Thom York, Gorillaz and Diplo, this year the festival celebrates its 25th anniversary, and fourth year embracing cashless payment and advanced event technology with Glownet.

Founded in 1994 by Ricard Robles, Enric Palau and Sergi Caballero, the first edition of Sónar Barcelona attracted 6,000 attendees. In over 20 years the festival’s capacity has increased to over 20 times the number of its first edition. Last year Sónar welcomed over 123,000 people, the most the festival has ever experienced.

In a unique and definitive set up, the festival is divided into three parts: Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night and Sónar +D. The day programme hosts live performances and DJ sets, whilst the evening activities carry Barcelona’s ravers on into the early hours. Sónar +D, the festival’s exhibitionary counterpart, runs alongside the daytime events, hosting workshops, conferences and artistic and technological displays.

Partnership with Glownet

Glownet Technology

Sónar’s philosophy is built on embracing new technology, which is why in 2015 the festival decided to partner with Glownet. Since then, Glownet’s smart technology has helped Sónar to cultivate the ultimate event experience, ensuring the smooth operation of the festival. In 2015, Glownet delivered RFID cashless payment systems to the festival for the first time. This enabled consumers to load money onto their wristbands and pay for refreshments and merchandise onsite. Without the faff or danger of handling large amounts of cash, Sónar has been able to significantly reduce queues, transaction speed and theft. In 2016 Sónar added Glownet’s access control tool and check-in systems. This allowed the festival to regulate and restrict attendance for certain areas, which tackled problems such as overcrowding. Last year, Sónar added staff accreditations, the final part of the Glownet package, allowing the festival full usage of all that Glownet has to offer.


Ventura Barba, Executive Director of Sónar

“The implementation of cashless solutions and access control is undoubtedly one of the factors that has made Sónar Barcelona 2015 -2017 a great success. Glownet has great technology, excellent implementation in the field, and a continued focus on innovation. We are really happy to continue partnering with them for our 25th anniversary and have full trust and confidence in their platform and industry experience.”

Stars align for Sónar


But this year Sónar is going beyond the boundaries of implementing advanced event technology. Sónar is taking techno to the stars. Sónar Calling GJ273b is the festival’s cosmic project to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The festival will send music from 38 artists to star GJ273b, a star which could potentially hold extraterrestrial life. The star is conveniently situated 12.5 light years away from Earth. Therefore, if alien life receives Sónar’s message and emits a response, the reply will be received 12.5 years later. This will coincide perfectly with the festival’s 50th anniversary in 2043. Contributing musicians include popular British artist Kate Tempest, Modeselektor and The Black Madonna.

The future of all festivals?

With less than a month to go, the multi-dimensional festival is paving the way for all festivals in the future. Whilst not all festivals are set to send music into space, more and more are adopting smart technology. The undeniable benefits that Sónar has seen from working with Glownet prove that festivals need to embrace new technology in order to keep up with the market.

Alongside all that encompasses their quarter-century celebrations, Glownet are proud to be partnering with Sónar this year. Once again, Glownet’s technology will ensure the optimum event experience for organisers and attendees alike. With a truly stunning set up for 2018, Sónar promises to be quite literally, out of this world.


By Poppy McAlister

Glownet announces Series-A investment and appointment of a new CEO

£2 million round led by London-based VCT Downing Ventures, Siebe Gerbranda taking over as CEO.

Glownet Investment

By Scott Witters, Founder & Executive Director, Glownet

London, 23 April 2018 – Exciting times here at Glownet. Thanks to our loyal partners and clients, as well as our amazing, hardworking team, we have achieved more than we ever could have imagined. We started the year by reaching the 500-event milestone and cementing our global market leadership position. Following that we have delivered over 65 events, including the New Zealand Rugby Sevens, and the Ultra Music Festivals in Miami (VVIP), Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Today is another defining moment in our short history. I am proud to announce that Downing Ventures is joining us as investor and growth partner. Their experience in disruptive technology businesses, as well as their established presence and network in our core markets make them our ideal partner for fast, sustainable growth. Their support will allow us to strengthen our commercial resources, invest in our core technology and make our products available to new verticals and markets.


This new funding allows us to enact our next phase of growth. I am pleased to announce that Siebe Gerbranda will now assume the CEO responsibilities so I may devote my energy to accelerating scaling in key strategic markets whilst continuing to curate the vision for our product as we lead the transformation of our industry. Siebe joined us as COO in August. His global tech experience will allow us to maximise the scalability of the business and drive further operational excellence throughout the company.


Siebe Gerbranda

From the moment I joined Glownet last year, it was immediately clear that it has all the right ingredients for fast growth. An amazing team, very solid technology and a unique position in a growth industry. My task is both clear and challenging; enabling our team to drive aggressive expansion, in terms of both product and territory coverage.


The Glownet team has worked so hard over the last five years, and we are delighted to take our business to the next level. Our new relationship with Downing Ventures secures our advancement, increases our potential and promises an exciting future for Glownet.



James Lewis, Investment Director at Downing Ventures commented:

Scott, Siebe and the team have achieved great things so far in a market that continues to develop and change. We look forward to being a part of  Glownet’s expansion both technologically and globally and are delighted to be working with them.


Edward Boddington, Director at Bosham Capital Advisors (BCA) noted:

BCA are thrilled with Downing’s investment in Glownet. We are confident in Glownet’s scalability potentials and look forward to seeing what is in store for the future.

500 EVENTS! Let’s celebrate together

We Made It! 500 events across the world. What started 5 years ago with a dream and vision from Scott Witters, is now the global market leader in Event Technology. What a journey it has been. From just 7 events in 2013, we, last year alone, delivered over 200 events across 29 countries. And we finished the year with a blast. Over the new year’s weekend we returned to beautiful New Zealand to mark our 500th event delivery at Rhythm & Alps.

The best place to be

We first worked with the guys in 2014, and have since provided the festival with three years of smooth, reliable cashless payments to advance the festival experience. This year, over 50 international and local artists performed at the festival, attracting over 10,000 people to celebrate the end of 2017. As Alex Turnbull, Festival Director Rhythms & Alps puts it; “It’s the best place to be in NZ for New Year’s; awesome music, immaculate production, amazing weather and a relaxed atmosphere all make for a world-class festival.” And we couldn’t agree more!!


“It was always my dream to reach this point. Starting 5 years ago I could never have imagined the journey and growth we’ve seen. Thanks to our strong team and dedicated partners, we have accomplished something incredible.” – Scott Witters, Founder

In one year from A to Z

At Glownet we’re looking back at an incredible year where we literally delivered events from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Thanks to our partners and our Glowballs (the least appropriate nickname for our amazing team) more people across the globe have experienced a smooth festival experience than ever before. Check our case studies to see how we’ve expanded far beyond the Music space and are now the technology of choice for exhibitionscorporate events and sport venues.

More to come

But no time to rest for team Glownet. We’re ramping up to another incredible year. The first week of Feb, we’ll be in New Zealand (yes, again New Zealand; we’re chasing the sun this winter) where we’ll be hosting the Rugby 7s together with our partner Montana Catering. A true Kiwi style festival, combining sports and fun we’ll be on-site to deliver the best experience.

Curious to what else is in store for us this year? Watch this space. Get in touch with our team to see how we can delight your customers!

Happy 2018 from all Glowballs!



The evolution of payment technologies

The story until now

Although the first credit and debit cards were seen in the 1950s in the Diners Club. It was not until the early 1990s that the closed-loop cashless systems began to spread around the world. These new “smart cards” served as electronic purses that could be used to purchase things without the need for network connectivity. Soon enough, aside from purchasing, these smart cards took over office settings in the form of access control as they could be used to prove the identification of the customer.

Skip to the late 2000s and beginning of 2010s, cashless payments form now a key component of your day to day. With immense developments in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near-Field Communications (NFC) we have transitioned to a new trend of letting intermediaries to handle our transactions. For example, we rely on digital wallet systems, NFC payments done through a phone, and more importantly, doing all of our financial operations through mobile applications.

When did cashless technologies reach live events and festivals? It’s hard to say. Some claim that the first event who introduce it was Sziget Festival back in 2011 located in Hungary. Others say it was the sall festival Da Vinci Days in 1996 located in the United States.

The event industry has gone through many changes in their payment technologies. Use of cash, tokens, credit/debit cards has always been the standard. Recently, this as changed a lot as more and more events from all industries choose to use cashless as their way of payment. Cashless payments are a win-win situation for both events and attendees. Event organizers can enjoy with faster transactions and higher spending while customers don’t have to worry about their valuables being stolen or lost.

What’s next?

It is interesting to know how we got to this point, but what’s next? Cashless systems can be seen everywhere in our world. How will these evolve? We have dreamt of biometric forms of payment as if they were futuristic technologies, but turns out they are closer to us than imagined. If events can go cashless then surely entire countries could do it too, Sweden is among the ones expected to reach this within the next years.

Last year, Mastercard launched in Europe the Identity Check Mobile (ICM). ICM allows users to pay with their fingerprints and facial recognition technology to verify a cardholders identity. Also, last year Capital One released a feature that works with Amazon’s Alexa. Customers of Capital One can manage all of their financial transactions and queries simply by speaking to Alexa. The voice recognition software allows this technology to be highly secured and increase the speed of transactions. These technologies are already developed and working, in no time these will spread to our sectors and hopefully reach to our beloved events.

With facial recognition or fingerprint payments, you become your own ticket. There is no need to bring a wallet to the event (saving yourself he possibility of it being stolen), as you can validate your identification at the entrance with a finger tap, pay for your drinks with a selfie, and if you run out of credit add more money to your bank account by talking to Alexa.

Interested in knowing what benefits can cashless payment systems bring to your business? Learn more in our Home page.

Iberian Festival Awards 2017

Iberian Awards Program 2017

We have more good news to share this month. We have been nominated for the Iberian Awards! These awards serve to recognize, support and reward: music festivals; cultural festivals (e.g. cinema, theater, gastronomy); media partners; artists and companies that have served or advertised in festivals throughout 2017. Glownet has been nominated for the Best Use of Technology category.

The third edition of the Iberian Festival Awards will happen on the 15th of March 2018 at Fórum Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal, as part of Talkfest – International Music Festivals Forum. The gala award show will celebrate all the 2017 successes of the music festival industry in Portugal and Spain!

There are 22 categories in the competition, plus the Excellence Award, in a gala that will be broadcast live (for the first time).

Iberian Festival Awards are the only Iberian recognition dedicated to festivals, being an important reference in the evolution of the sector. This event is dedicated to promoting, valuing and celebrating all professionals, partners and artists responsible for its development, growth and improvement. Take part and enjoy a gala that besides the awards will have musical performances, open bar and an afterparty, enabling Networking!

What is the Talkfest?

Talkfest – International Music Festivals Forum – is the only discussion forum in Portugal dedicated to music festivals with a specific programme focused on these events. In all of it’s six editions Talkfest had more than 6105 attendees, 336 speakers (31 international), 80 partners, media partners and sponsors and 28 concerts.

Who is going to te Talkfest?

Music Festivals · Agents · Promoters · Musicians · Photographers · Sponsors · Companies · Audiences & Fans · Municipalities · Researchers · Buyers · Service Providers · Media


Talkfest mission is to create the opportunity of reflection and debate between all players and to promote sustainable development of the music festivals industry.


  • To promote a reliable and neutral discussion about music festivals;
  • To promote a technical, scientific debate and knowledge sharing about the music festivals industry;
  • To develop synergies between attendees and agents enrolled in the music festivals scene;
  • To promote networking and business to business (B2B) within the industry;
  • To promote new ideas, projects and trends;
  • To support, receive and promote the debate between international speakers connected to European music festivals.


Our category will be decided by the jury not the public, so sit tight and well let you know if this happens!

Congratulations to our partner Festival Forte!

Good news!

We are happy to announce that our partner Forte Festival was awarded the Bordalo Pinheiro Prize by the Ministry of the Environment, under the program Sê-Lo Verde. This award was won by our efforts in the Festival Forte by implementing our cashless solution which allowed the festival to reduce resources and materials associated with the printing of disposable wristbands and receipts/sales invoices.

What is Sê-lo Verde?

The Sê-lo Verde Program was developed by the Ministry of Environment in Portugal with the objective to attract medium (5,000-25,000 attendees) sized to large festivals (+25,000 attendees) festivals in Portugal to practice more sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches. According to a study from the Ministry of Environment of Portugal 160 thousand tons of waste were created in festivals in 2017. This is on average 7.5kg of waste produced per festival goer. With over 2.1 million people assisting these events in Portugal this year, festivals have become the ideal channel to raise awareness about environmentally friendly practices.

With this in mind the program had four distinct objectives in mind. These were:

  • To encourage the adoption of environmental criteria that contribute effectively to the reduction of emissions from gases, as well as residues, and non-recurring items
  • To innovative approaches to the issue such as new technologies, integration of renewable’s, collaborative economy, ecological design
  • To contribute to the education and awareness of the entities such as promoters, brands,municipalities, spectators, and local community
  • To enhance, promote and communicate this performance to the national and international public

Requirements for the program:

The requirements for the participating in the program were simple. It only included festivals, the program was not suitable for stadiums, arenas, auditoriums,events or thematic fairs. The festivals had to have the necessary licenses and access control tools and finally, the duration of the event must be more than one day. Under this conditions, a diverse jury was composed of members of the music world, technology and innovation set to judge the environmental and sustainable practices of the festival.

Prizes and recognition received

The winner of the program was set to receive a hefty compensation of 500,000 euros to maintain these practices in future editions. Our partner Festival Forte was the selected winner of this prestigious award. Our solution at Festival Forte also received praised by Ministry of Environment not only for being environmentally friendly, but also for creating a more comfortable experience for festival goers. The festival infrastructure created additional security as the chance of theft is greatly reduced and greater access control monitoring as the festival areas were accessed with a unique card.

Whats next?

With the success of the 2017 program, the Ministry of Portugal is already thinking on expanding to other sectors in the 2018 program.The objective of Sê-lo Verde 2018 is now to reach other types of outdoor events with paid entry, such as fairs promoted by local authorities.We are proud of our partner Festival Forte and wish them best of luck next year.

Connect with your users; start early

The success of your event depends on your ability to build a connection with your users. From the first moment they hear about your event up to the moment they tell their friends about the great experience they had. Our focus is usually on giving users the most amazing time while being physically at the event. And it is true that this is where the real magic happens. Not only people to be delighted by music, friends and fun, they expect the smoothest and most frictionless experience possible. Using automated ticket validation, optimised access control and a cashless infrastructure go a long way in giving users an amazing experience at your event.

Start engagement early

Engagement starts way before your users reach the front gate. Far in advance you’ll need to engage the customers to drive awareness and ticket sales. A good starting point for engagement is the worlds largest social gathering; Facebook.

There are three types of Facebook ads we recommend to promote your event. These are designed to boost ticket sales, drive event responses and expand reach of your Facebook posts.

  • Sell more tickets: This type of ad has a “Buy Tickets” call-to-action button on it. By pressing the button it will take the user automatically to either your website, ticketing partner or any other format you are using to sell tickets.
  • Increase event responses: Similar to the previous ad format, instead of a buy option, there will be a button for users to mark if they’re attending or interested in the event. This will allow you build a pool of influences and followers to drive additional engagement and sales.
  • Post promotion: As one of the most common types of ad, it allows you to boost your Facebook post with the intention of reaching audiences likely to engage with your content.

An optimised and consistent user journey is the key

It is important to create a user journey that is consistent and optimised. Never look at marketing, ticketing, on-site and post-event separately. It all comes together as one customer journey. To ensure this, you’ll need to make sure all your marketing efforts are aligned and well integrated with your ticketing partner. Users hate entering data multiple times and will be very vocal if you don’t show you care about them every step of the way. Following this, you’ll need to ensure ticketing data flows directly into your access and onsite efforts. This is why Glownet has developed an extensive set of APIs that integrates with all major ticketing platforms. This allows us to facilitate real time box-office sales, ticket validation and profile integration. Together we enable the ultimate customer journey, where (social) marketing flows through ticket sales into the best live onsite experience. Interested to learn more? Get in touch.

Glownet continues drive to digitise the live events industry

===> Press Release by Bosham Capital Advisors

Bosham Capital Advisors (BCA), independent Investment, Advisory and Capital Markets specialists, has been appointed by market leader Glownet to develop its strategic positioning globally and to work with the company on an investment strategy for a £2m Series A capital raise in September.

Glownet specialises in the provision of contactless and customer insight services to the live event industry. Glownet’s product suite empowers organisers to run their events both more efficiently and profitably. Its proprietary contactless platform eliminates queues, theft, increases spend per head and creates happier and more loyal fans. Utilising closed loop NFC technology, the platform is regarded as the most reliable point-of-sale solution developed for the challenges of a live event environment. The global market for live music alone, where Glownet is currently focused, is expected to top $29bn by 2021 (Source IQ). Since its launch in 2012, Glownet has managed over 400 contactless events in over 30 countries.

In its last financial year, Glownet serviced well over one million cashless consumers on its platform. The most common credential item is a chip-enabled wristband that consumers wear at events. Patrons can use this seamlessly to enter, allow access to certain areas and buy goods and services inside the event without the need to carry cash. Development is already underway to deploy a hybrid offering which presents attendees with the choice between paying with their wristband or their everyday contactless card or smartphone app.

Glownet is planning to raise £2m to expand its sales and partner programme, further develop its platform and enter new verticals. Recent appointments include the hiring of Siebe Gerbranda as COO from Google and and Pedro Bandeira as Sales Director.

Scott Witters, Founder and CEO of Glownet commented:

“We are delighted to be working with BCA on our capital raise. It is useful to have an independent advisor who can work with us to formalise our strategic positioning and also to draw up a robust investment strategy. The live events market continues to enjoy strong growth and Glownet is leading the disruptive trend in the industry. We are committed to building upon our position as the universal event management platform that will enable live events to become digital over the coming years”

Edward Boddington, Director at BCA said:

“Glownet is an excellent investment opportunity due to the number of favourable drivers in the live events space together with the leading market share position that Glownet has been able to build. Their team is experienced, committed and the company is now ready to move to the next stage. We look forward to working with them”

Read the full article on www.boshamcapitaladvisors.com

How to increase your event’s revenue overnight

Is your event still using tokens? Or even worse, cash? There are ways to remove the annoying problems caused by cash and tokens such as long queue lines and inefficient money handling. These tend to be the main pain points of the customer journey in this scenarios, deteriorating and even ruining the overall event experience. With Radio (R) Frequency (F) Identification (ID) technologies being implemented on a mass scale, from metro cards, passports to cell phones, there is no excuse your event should not be using RFID technologies. The following are the benefits that RFID cashless systems can offer to your events.

Benefits of RFID Cashless Systems

RFID cashless technologies have greatly increased the customer experience by making the average customer journey a smoother process. The typical customer who is interested in a festival will purchase their ticket online, get his ticket redeemed for a RFID wristband or card at the festival entrance. He/she will proceed to top-up his RFID wearable with cash or credit card and then proceed to purchase anything that they wish simply by tapping their RFID device with the reader at the bar or merchandising store. At the end of the festival, the customer can get a refund of any currency that was left unused in their RFID chip. That’s it. RFID technology is able to speed up transactions twice as fast as there is no need anymore of wasting time either getting the correct change out of the cashier or waiting for the POS system to receive wireless connection. Customers on average spend up to 15-40% more translating into a substantial increase in revenue for the festival. Lastly, another indirect benefit of RFID technologies for customers is the elimination of the risk of theft of wallets and cards making a better and safer experience.

RFID cashless systems bring transparency and accountability to businesses. All cash is handled in a single place eliminating the possibility of money being mishandled or stolen. One of the most powerful benefits RFID technologies bring to the cashless system are the tools given to event organizers to manage their inventory in real-time. Given that there is an active WiFi connection, and your RFID provider has the appropriate software, data obtained from the RFID chips can be instantly generated into real-time intelligent reports. These reports bring smart information to event organizers about which are the best selling products or which point of sale systems are the most efficient ones. With this information, organizers can make quick-decisions regarding stock management instantly and prepare better for the next few days of the event or the next year.  

These are few of the benefits RFID technologies bring to cashless systems. It is highly anticipated that in the future not only most events will implement RFID cashless systems in their events, but also new technologies will develop that will bring cashless systems to a new topic. With the current mass use of bio metric scanners of fingerprints from offices to mobile phones and the penetration of facial recognition software into mass markets, who knows what the future developments of this area will bring. Regardless, it can only be expected that futuristic cashless technologies will improve the live event industry and many of the others who opt to adopt this aspect into their business models.  


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Do you think your business can benefit from RFID technologies? Email us and we will find a way to help you.


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