Spotify Experience @ DCODE Festival

After the huge success of the Spotify Experience at Bilbao BBK Live, Spotify asked Glownet Screen-Shot-2014-11-05-at-11.13.22to propose a new engagement concept for DCODE Festival.

DCODE Festival is organised by Live Nation in Madrid and has one the most competitive line-ups in the Spanish music festival industry. Based on this fact, Glownet proposed that festival goers vote for their favourite artists through Check-In Stations located around the site by tapping their Spotify RFID wristband.

Every 90 minutes the results of the most popular artists will be posted in real time on the big screen located at the main stages with the goal of creating a more social music experience.

Stage view tickets, speakers and Spotify Premium accounts will be given as incentives to encourage participation.


Standon Calling 2013 & 2014

Standon is one of the leading independent festivals on the UK calendar. It is a three-day event with bars that run twenty-four hours. In August 2013, Glownet successfully delivered the first 100% fully integrated RFID cashless festival in the UK and was nominated for the Best Use of Technology at the UK Festival Awards. For the first time in nine years, armed with a set of Glownet’s consolidated vendor sales reports, Standon was able to see what was being bought and sold across the site, where, by whom, when and in what quantities.

In 2014 the team returned to roll out accreditation, access and cashless services to all 10,500 customers, including an online wallet pilot in association with PayPal. Using insight from the previous year’s reports, the festival was in a position to make more informed decisions; culling underperforming vendors, welcoming back successful ones and alerting sponsors to top selling products.

Glownet’s post-event reports revealed that in 2014, Standon’s on-site sales had ballooned by 45% year-on-year, with only a 25% increase in wristbands issued. This overwhelmingly signalled a resounding customer endorsement of the system through increased spend per head – all underpinned by informed management decisions.

Spotify Experience @ Bilbao BBK Live

Spotify is a very active brand in the music festival industry, and as a streaming partner for music festivals understands very well that there are multiple opportunities for further brand awareness and end-user acquisition.

Glownet proposed innovative RFID engagement experiences to Spotify to target festival-goers at Bilbao BBK Live, one of the biggest music festivals in Spain.


The experiential marketing concepts Glownet delivered were:

  • Selfie stations positioned around the site so that customers could take instant selfies and apply Instagram-type filters. Simply by tapping their Spotify wristbands on a totem, customers were able to upload photos to their Facebook profile with an overlay of the sponsor.
  • Playlist Check-In totems located at the main stages giving the opportunity for registered customers to check-in while different artists were playing. Festival goers could share the playlist that their favourite artist was playing on Facebook by tapping their wristband to the Playlist Stations.
  • At the end of the festival customers received a customised playlist based on the artists they watched at the festival.
  • Samsung speakers, cameras, Spotify premium accounts were used as incentives depending on the levels of engagement achieved by their Facebook posts.

The objectives for this campaign were to register 3,000 users, generate 1 million impressions, 5,000 comments and likes, 1,000 playlists and photos. The results far exceeded these expectations:

  • 4.3 million impressions
  • 6,700 registered customers
  • 18,000 comments and likes
  • 3,100 Spotify playlists shared
  • 2,300 photos shared