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WeWork Summer Camp

August 18 - 20 2017

United Kingdom

Cashless payment solutions ✓
Access Control Tools ✓
Business Intelligence Reports ✓

Each summer, Wework invites all of its employees to join a three day weekend summer camp. This year, the location for this event was Eridge Park, UK. Wework hosts over 100 coworking spaces across the globe, and brings each year employees and members who rent their spaces from all over the world to brainstorm, network, and most importantly, have a good time.

Wework offers a flexible weekend schedule, giving their attendees to do a they please. From attending meetings with top company executives, participating in sport tournaments, or relaxing by the lake, Wework created an unforgettable experience for their employees.

Glownet partnered with Wework to deploy for the first time to deploy cashless, access control, engagement, and business intelligence tools. With the help of access control tools, Wework was able to manage over 5000 attendees.

With the help of business intelligence metrics, not only WeWork was able to monitor how their attendees moved around their camp and consumed products, it has given them a deeper insight to their behaviours. With this, WeWork each year will be able to prepare in advance and provide a better experience in future events.

The success of the WeWork Summer Camp 2017 is undeniable. The amount of pictures trending on social media with the hashtag #wwcamp17 is proof of an impressive guest experience that will keep them bringing year by year.