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Vic Falls Carnival

5,000 attendees

29-31 December 2017


Cashless payment solutions ✓
Access Control Tools ✓
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Born in 2007 out of a local event called Falls Fest, Vic Carnival Falls has come a long way since its humble beginnings. In less than a decade, it has evolved into a top destination festival that unites thousands of music lovers from around the globe to celebrate the new year alongside one of Africa’s most magical waterfalls.

The three-day festival starts with a five-hour train that takes guests to a secluded area in the Vic Falls wild park. Festival-goers are then free to engage in a wide range of activities over the weekend, including bungee jumping, rafting, elephant safaris and more.

Glownet’s South African partner Howler worked with Vic Falls Carnival to deliver a successful festival experience. Howler delivered cashless payment systems, access control tools and business intelligence solutions to maximise the performance of the event. Through data enquired by transactions, the Vic Falls Carnival event organizers were able to obtain beneficial insights on customer spending and behaviour, allowing for improvements to future editions.

With the aim of promoting sustainable tourism in Zambia, Glownet were instrumental in helping Vic Falls Carnival deliver another great experience for over 5,000 festival-goers in a stunning location.