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Sizzled Sundays


26 December 2017

South Africa

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With a line up as spicy as the menu on offer, the 5th edition of food and music phenomenon Sizzled Sundays brought Cape Town to its boiling point in December.

Founded in 2012, the outdoor day festival welcomes roughly 2500 attendees, and is set in a different, unique location every year. This December the festival cooked up a storm at the Castle of Good Hope, a stunning 17th century fort that was declared a world heritage site in 1936.

Glownet joined forces with our South African partners Howler to deliver the optimum event experience for Sizzled Sundays. With access control tools and cashless payments, the event was handled easily, with transactions being made at record speeds.

Furthermore, with the use of business intelligence reports, food-truck vendors were able to try out new products and measure their success due to the intelligence data captured.

Driven by a common aim to promote peace, love and unity, Sizzled Sundays was a stunning success even outside of the event; a portion of all the festival’s proceeds went to local charities such as Peace Home and Nazareth House. Didn’t make it this year? Food for thought…