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Salón Erótico

25,000 attendees

5th-8th October 2017


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Salón Erótico is one of a kind. The annual exhibition, which takes place in Barcelona, celebrates openness and appreciation of sex and eroticism. Sound a bit niche? Wrong. Salón Erótico has been going for 25 years, and this year welcomed over 25,000 attendees. In 2017 as part of its quarter century celebrations, Salón Erótico partnered with Glownet to ensure three days of smooth cashless deliveries and access controls.

Exotic and erotic, the (s)exhibition showcases the work of over 80 artists and performers, all who join together to celebrate sex. In the form of films, artwork and even live performances, Salón Erótico was an event to remember.

Glownet partnered with Salón Erótico to deliver another year of cashless payments. Glownet’s RFID wristbands allowed guests to access and exit the site freely by simply tapping their wrists against readers at entry points. Glownet also provided cashless payment solutions to facilitate and ease transactions at the food truck and merchandise areas onsite. With such a high number of attendees, Glownet’s cashless systems were able to reduce queues points of sales by creating a seamless and streamlined customer experience.

After 25 years of success, Salón Erótico shows no sign of abstinence now. Glownet has been proud to partner with the unique and memorable exhibition, and looks forward to working with them in the future.