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Rouleur Classic

2015 & 2016


Cashless payment solutions ✓
Access Control Tools ✓
Business Intelligence Reports ✓
Goodie Bag Entitlements ✓

In the heart of London’s wonderful West End, for the last 3 years Rouleur Classic has held one of the world’s most prestigious cycling exhibitions. Set in the stunning Victoria House, roughly 1,600 pedal pushers visit Rouleur Classic each year. The exhibition displays unique previews of the latest bikes, premium cycling apparel and hosts talks from professionals in the industry. In the past, sporting personalities have included Eddie Mercx and Sir Bradley Wiggins, both previous winners of Tours de France.

Glownet proudly partnered with Rouleur for two consecutive years to bring to the event cashless payment solutions, access control tools and post-event business intelligence reports. Glownet also assisted in delivering Rouleur Classic goodie bags entitlements. Through our unique access control technology, Glownet ensured that each customer per session was entitled to one Rouleur Classic goodie bag.

Crowned ‘the world’s finest cycling exhibition’, Rouleur Classic was a excellent and exclusive experience that Glownet was proud to be part of.