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Rocking The Daisies

25,000 Attendees

5-8 October 2017

South Africa

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For its 13th consecutive year, Rocking The Daisies music and lifestyle festival returned to the Cloof Wine Estate in Cape Town for another remarkable event. This year the festival reached new heights with over 25,000 attendees, offering a wide variety of music spread across different themed stages such as the Trap House, Electric Dome and Beach Bar.

Glownet worked with our South African partner Howler to provide cashless systems, access control tools and business intelligence reports to optimize the performance of the festival. The festival wristbands allowed guests to load credit onto their personal RFID chips and move around the festival quickly and smoothly.

Glownet’s festival wristband “eradicated almost all queuing- especially at the various bars, where long lines used to be the main source of the limited frustration patrons experienced at the festival.” Mail & Guardian