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New Zealand Sevens

3-4 February 2018

New Zealand

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In one of the most anticipated events of the sporting calendar, the New Zealand leg of the 2018 Rugby World Sevens Series witnessed a year of great change. For the last 18 years the tournament has taken place at the iconic Westpac Stadium in Wellington. This year, the organizers embraced a ‘vibrant new spin’ on the tournament, moving locations to the grand Waikato Stadium in Hamilton.

Sadly for the Kiwis the ‘new spin’ spun the All Blacks out of the top spot this year. The All Blacks Sevens have won the World Series 12 times since the Series began, and remained champions on home turf 10 out of 18 years. In a nail-biting semi final, New Zealand narrowly lost 12-10 to Fiji, a team of worthy winners who went on to win the cup.

This year Glownet were lucky enough to join with our partners Montana Catering to optimize the New Zealand Sevens live event experience. We provided our reliable and accessible technology including cashless payment solutions and business intelligence reports to improve the operation of the event. Furthermore, Glownet also provided the organisers with access control tools. This proved particularly useful at the New Zealand Sevens, as this enabled bar staff to regulate the alcohol consumption of attendees, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for all.

The Rugby World Sevens is a celebration of more than just the game. In each tournament the weekend is full of singing, dancing in the aisles, colourful costumes and family entertainment areas. Glownet were thrilled to have participated in the New Zealand leg of the World Series, and are proud to have contributed towards the smooth operation and safety of the event.