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Lollapalooza Argentina

150,000 attendees

31 March - 1 April 2017


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Returning to Argentina for the fourth time, the legendary Lollapalooza music festival united musicians, artists and foodies from all over the globe a weekend of celebrations.

The two-day event welcomed over 150,000 attendees to see music icons such as Metallica and The Strokes perform live in an incredible location. The event also offered food truck zones with some of the top Argentinian chefs, artist conventions, a kids zone and more. Furthermore, with a mission to endorse sustainable festival going, Lollapalooza is renowned in the industry for their green outlook.

Glownet partnered with Lollapalooza Argentina to help provide the best experience possible for festival-goers. With over 150,000 guests in two days, Glownet’s network independent solution was able to handle the event smoothly with 100% uptime.

Glownet delivered cashless payment systems, access control and business intelligence tools to optimize the performance of the festival. The combination of these instruments allowed the Lollapalooza event organizers to handle the event smoothly and efficiently.

With recent expansions to Europe and many more editions planned across the globe, there are no signs of Lollapalooza stopping its rapid growth. With accessible and reliable technology, Glownet allowed Lollapalooza Argentina to deliver a stress-free and successful festival experience.