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Great Australian Beer Festival

5,000 Attendees

19th May 2017


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It all started in 2011 with a question: “What if we could convince the country’s most exciting craft breweries to all brew and release a brand new beer on the same day at one event?” thought Steven Jeffares and Guy Greenstone. This is how the Great Australian Beer Festival (GABs for short) was created.

Six years and 700 new craft beers later, GABs has become one of the most recognized food and beer festivals in the world. With more thatn 5,000 attendees at the latest edition, festival goers were invited to drink beer, watch music groups, attend seminars and visit photography and sculpture exhibitions. GABs 2017 aimed to celebrate the creativity behind beer, and it did not dissappoint.

GABs partnered with Glownet to digitalise their event with the addition of cashless features, access control and business intelligence data to enhance the experience for their guests. The RFID wristbands allowed customers to seamlessly purchase products and access areas such as VIP with ease creating a smooth and secure event experience.
With GABs’ extensive growth, who knows what to expect for future editions. After its humble beginnings in Melbourne followed by a quick expansion to Sydney and Auckland, GABs has set a new precedent beer festivals.