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Airlink Adrenaline Show

June 10 - 11 2017

South Africa

Welcome to Howlers first ever air show, the Airlink Adrenalin Event 2017. Set in the Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, South Africa the event showcased some of the world’s best aerobatic pilots and the most extreme parachute jumps across two action packed days. Unlike other air shows, the Airlink Adrenaline Event 2017 also included cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and the largest wall of fire in Africa (over 500 meters long!). The event offered many other activities such as a variety of food vendors, live music and even a kids entertainment park creating an incredible atmosphere for 30,000 attendees to spend a weekend.

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Wonderboom Wings and Wheels revolutionized their event by immersing it into the RFID environment. For this project, Glownet partner with Howler to deliver ticket validation modules, access control, cashless and business intelligent tools. Visitors were given RFID bracelets upon entering the event which allowed them to enter and exit the event seamlessly and pay at vendor points simply by tapping their wristbands with the POS terminal.

Our RFID devices are able to capture vasts amounts of consumer data giving our partners information on what their consumers were buying, where, by whom, and when allowing them to make smarter decisions in the future.

The Airlink Adrenalin Event 2017 was a success, and it can be shown in the words of our own partner. With Howler, we certainly hope to bring more quality experiences with RFID technologies in the next years.