One weekend, 4 countries, 2 continents…

Growing pains aren’t always painful. We’re proud to say that this weekend, we are deploying four events in four different countries across two continents. It’s a Happy Halloween for us indeed!

Starting in order of time zones, we will be deploying our Instant Cashless solution at Day of the Dead Australia Warehouse Project, in Melbourne. Following the success of the Sydney edition 1 week ago, we will continue to offer a great experience down under at our second Australian delivery.

Detonate Festival in the UK is following suit in the cashless revolution, offering their 5,000+ customers the benefit of shorter queues, faster transaction processing at bars, and increased security with our instant cashless solution.

Brunch Electronik, in Barcelona has added a Halloween edition to their popular event and continue to enjoy the benefits of our Instant Cashless system as they’ve done with all their Brunch and Piknic events in 2015. Increased spend, faster transactions and full visibility and transparency into their operations.

Finally, after our successful deployment at Kappa Futur Festival this summer, the promoters from this event have decided to implement Instant Cashless to their 15,000+ festival, Movement, in Turin this Halloween.

Glownet’s cashless revolution continues to grow, and our team is getting stronger, leaner and more experienced!

Announcing Glownet and Yumiwi Partnership

Glownet Yumiwi

This fall, Glownet and Yumiwi, two Event technology start-ups, announce their global partnership, offering a complete suite of RFID technology solutions to the live event industry that is revolutionising the market.

Both tech companies, born from on the ground experience and based in Europe, have completely integrated their solutions and joined forces to fully enhance promoters, brands and festivalgoers experiences.

Glownet is one of the leading RFID service providers to the live events industry, principally focusing on music festivals. The business provides promoters with check-in/accreditation and access control, cashless payments and staffing and security solutions using the latest RFID technology, delivered over an Android-based platform. In just two years Glownet has gained significant traction by deploying its solutions to 70+ music festivals in 13 different countries, boasting a hugely successful 100% cashless delivery to all 60,000 attendees at Sónar Festival in Barcelona this past June.

Yumiwi has revolutionised the way brands and attendees interact with each other at a festival and successfully activated 100+ events with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Yumiwi has begun to export their solutions to other countries in Europe, Latin America and making the jump to Silicon Valley. Their Award Winning Real Time Dashboard gives brands the ability to understand the attendees behaviour with their brand, giving brands powerful key data points, analysing their KPI’s and measuring a real ROI at their event. The system allows festivalgoers to document and amplify their experiences through their social media channels, providing a value exchange between brands and users that can be measured through the use of Warm Data. Yumiwi has delivered more than 85 million brand impressions, which have generated more than 500,000 interactions with a 75% social media opt-in rate.

Along with a strong relationship, they’ve gained solid traction together and shared successes. Most notably, both companies offered immense amplification results to the world’s biggest music streaming service, Spotify. The RFID technology proposal to amplify the user experience took place at Bilbao BBK Live, one of the largest music festivals in Spain. Glownet and Yumiwi proposed the idea and creative concept, working hand-in-hand with Spotify to develop the initiative. Branded the Spotify Experience, it offered new engagement avenues to the target audience at the event, which attracted more than 45,000 unique visitors per day.

As a result of this impressive outcome and a mutual respect for a shared vision, Glownet and Yumiwi will work collectively to offer the most tangible, easy-to-use and seamless solutions to live events around the globe.

The solution suites will include:

  • 15-40% increase in spend per customer
  • Faster Transactions
  • Reduced Processing Times
  • Increased Efficiency in Operations
  • Elimination of Theft
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Social Media Engagement
  • ROI and KPI Tracking
  • Lead Collection and Management
  • Attendee Behaviour
  • Brand Amplification

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