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    Glownet Announces Series-A Round
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Welcome to Glownet

Glownet is revolutionising the live event experience by creating frictionless, secure and optimised experiences for attendees, vendors, organisers and brands. Our platform delivers access control, cashless payments, crew management, social media activations, loyalty programs and customer insight solutions to music festivals, food & beverages festivals, nightclubs, trade shows, sporting events and more.

Choose Glownet for your next event!



We deliver bottom-line value. Our event management tools allow you to maximise the revenue of your event.



Having successfully performed at over 500 events in 38 countries, we are global market leaders in event technology.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Boost the potential of your event with smart analytics. Prepare better for future events by having real insights in your customer's behaviour.



With an unrivalled track record of success, our network independent platform gives you peace of mind to focus on enjoying your own event.

Glownet Ticket Validation

Speed up your check-in process by integrating with your ticketing partner

Seamlessly connect our platform to multiple ticketing systems and event management software of your choice. Send your customers straight into the event by spending less time at entry points.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrate with global leading ticketing platforms through our APIs
  • Eliminate ticket fraud
  • Speed up entry for customers
  • Live ticket sales, never stop selling!

Kickstart your event!

By synchronising your ticketing data with our database (through API integration or CSV upload) you are able to create a seamless experience for event attendees. At the point of entry, you can quickly validate the identity of your attendees and link each to a unique wristband.

This will eliminate ticket fraud and create a secure and safe environment for your event. Go beyond coloured wristbands to more sophistication by granting entitlements and setting individual user rights, all in one easy step.


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Glownet Access

Equip yourself with the necessary instruments to manage your events efficiently

Our access control tools give you the possibility to streamline the entrance to an event and handle accreditations of both your attendees and staff alike.

Key Benefits:

  • Access control at entry and exit points
  • Staff and customer accreditation
  • Real-time site capacity reporting

Provide the best experience, right from the start!

As soon as your customers get to the event, facilitate an easy entrance to the event. Customer data obtained from ticketing is immediately inscribed into the customer RFID wristband through our ticket validation module.

Based on this information and the accompanying entitlements our access gate scanners provide your security team with the tools to ensure a safe, secure and optimised event.

Entitlements can be area based (eg. access to VIP), time based (eg. free entrance before 2pm) or capacity based (eg. max 500 people in a certain section). These entitlements define what an individual attendee can or cannot do.

To enhance security and safety even further we introduced yellow cards. This allows you to (temporary) flag or block users based on their behaviour or state. Glownet Access gives you complete control of the situation at all times.


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Glownet Cashless

Transform how you manage your event with Glownet’s cashless solutions

Our platform allows you to run events more profitably, securely and smoothly. Your vendors and attendees will love it because it reduces theft and creates a frictionless, fast and convenient experience. Our platform works fully offline, making sure you don’t need extensive infrastructure to operate the event. Our platform keeps running, even if the power drops out!

Key Benefits:

  • On-site and online top up via cash or credit card
  • Increased consumer spend of 15-40%
  • Reduced theft and loss of cash

Take your event to the digital space!

With Glownet cashless your event will not only be more profitable but also will be operated more efficiently. Our platform will help you effortlessly manage your vendors and staff, modifying products or adding staff to specific vendor points.

Online & Offline Top-ups
Our cashless solution offers top-up options both online and offline. We integrate with leading payment gateways to offer flexibility to you and your users. Online top ups will allow your customers to jump right into the action, minimizing queues at the event entry point. Likewise, on-site top ups will be available as part of our core offering.

Enjoy an increase in consumer spend of up to 40%. As transactions are processed in a secure, closed-loop system you can have ultimate peace of mind, while delighting your attendees with a great experience.


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Glownet Engagement

Maximize the reach of your event and build lasting relationships with attendees

Give sponsors and brands the ultimate channel to enhance the live experience for customers. Our engagement tools take your event far beyond the digital experience. You can capture social media profiles, create loyalty programs or drive post-event campaigns.

Key Benefits:

  • Drive engagement and loyalty
  • Expand the event beyond the physical experience
  • Drive smarter, personalised experiences

Interact, Engage & Transact!

Glownet Engagement has been designed to enhance the live event experience for customers and provide sponsors with an effective way to increase reach, impressions and capture customer profiles for future engagement. Attendees can link their social media profile to the event, allowing you to personalise the event experience and continue the relationship after the event.

In a professional setting, Glownet Engagement allows you to collect and share visitor information with exhibitors in a seamless, controlled and non-intrusive way


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Glownet Intelligence

Make smarter decisions based on Glownet’s Business Intelligence

Thanks to Glownet you get a deeper insight into the habits and behaviours of your customers. Prepare better for future events by making decisions based on real-time analytics.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time data insights
  • Extensive post-event reporting
  • Manage vendor efficiency
  • Real-time event alert management

Become smarter every day!

Observe in real-time data being collected by the platform. Measure vendor efficiency by observing how many products they are selling and what speed. With Glownet Intelligence, you will be able to make precise and profitable decisions.

Know what your customers buy and when they buy, allowing you to map their customer journey from start to finish. Monitor your events capacity in real-time, forecast changes for future events, and most importantly make sure your guests are having a good time.


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What Our Clients Think

Ventura Barba

Ventura Barba

Executive Director Advanced Music / Sónar

"The implementation of cashless solutions and access control, thanks to Glownet, is undoubtedly one of the factors that has made Sónar Barcelona 2015 -2017 a great success. Glownet has great technology, excellent implementation in the field, and a continued focus on innovation. We are really happy to continue partnering with them for our 25th anniversary and have full trust and confidence in their platform and industry experience."

François Jozic

François Jozic

Co-Owner and Managing Director / Piknic Electronik

"I like Glownet because it’s a mobile solution which is completely internet independent and gives us a lot of flexibility in our operations. The team is also very supportive during preparation before the event and also on site during the event resolving any possible issues with our team and also with our clients."

Hugo Bos

Hugo Bos

Bar Manager / Bar Producties

"Implementing Glownet's sales information to our stock control system allows us to act faster and thus making sure all bars at the event promote the same customer experience. Working with Glownet allowed us to serve 30,000 people in a single night event, without any major issues. They take it upon themselves to teach our staff how the system works so we can focus on what we do best: serve an ice cold beer."

Jimi Moe

Jimi Moe

Promoter / Spring Scream Festival

"I was really happy with the solution, I am already thinking about all the exciting opportunities utilising Glownet and their new toys at next year’s event."



Independent Music News / hangout.altsounds.com

"2013 saw the first [in the UK] implementation of RFID wristbands and a completely cash free site. Speeding up bar service and improving safety for all the system was fault free throughout the weekend and used, without major issue, by all festival-goers over the weekend. Standon Calling’s RFID system was installed and managed by Glownet."

Pasquinel Meurs

Promoter / Op Dreef Festival

"In a very short lead time Glownet deployed the complete RFID solution for our festival managing smoothly gate entries and all purchases on site. It was a great experience to work with the Glownet team."



Founder / Good and Proper Tea

"The service from Glownet was exceptional - as a street food trader I loved not handling cash, not having to do the maths (!) and the data we collected over the duration of the event has been invaluable. Most importantly, the team checked in on us every hour or so to make sure everything was working well which, given that it was new for everyone, was very reassuring. Overall couldn't have been better and in stark contrast to our experience with cashless providers at other events, where we lost hundreds of pounds in revenue due to technical issues."